blue world pools class action lawsuit

Additionally there are several people that they called later in the week, after I had been to the home and made a 3-hour presentation, and sold for less money. if any one has any advice for me please let me know . We believe that the number of complaints against this company, whether through the Internet or other channels, is very small when put into context of its size. Additionally it was indicated that if we wanted to due a temporary lack of leads we could travel to different market places that was short a rep. Can anyone give me any advice??? I also truly believe that we are not isolated incidents. @WISE Even after I explained to him that we didn't have any money in savings and our monthly budget didn't have a discretionary fund. Now that my husband is disabled and we can't afford payment arrangements they want to take our home . If you don't plan on selling the home and that is the one you're going to die in, you should be okay. @Jonathan Greene I made a complaint and Sean made me recant my statement for free stuff. In Cooper, the arbitration agreement did not contain a severability clause and the "Court could not invent a severability clause in order to `redline' the cost-splitting provision while enforcing the clause requiring Cooper to arbitrate in the first place." The next day there was an unauthorized hard credit inquiry on both Experian and transition by blue world pools when I was trying to get a payoff. Hey all, Ok this is the first time we have encountered an ion system (metal) that is actually being used. The statute of limitations on rescission of the transaction under TILA is 3 years. Registration Sys. Id. If you signed up for a 401(k) plan with Trojan Horse from Jan. 1, 2011 through Sept. 20, 2016 and fear that you and your loved ones may be taken advantage of, you are eligible for a potential award from the Trojan Horse Retirement Plan Class Action Lawsuit. 2003) ("if the fees and costs of the arbitral forum deter potential litigants, then that forum is clearly not an effective, or even adequate, substitute for the judicial forum"). Defendant must file a response on or before November 6, 2015. Energy Home v. Peay, 406 S.W.3d 828, 835 (Ky. 2013). (Docket #6). So i to am interested in a lawsuit. Click on the case name to see the full text of the citing case. Below is our full list of open lawsuits in which you may be eligible to submit a claim. The others are a class-action lawsuit from attorney Yolanda Huang on behalf of a smaller group of inmates, and a case from inmate Dionn Novell Taylor, who was also represented by Huang. "[I]f a plaintiff asserts valid statutory or common law claims and an arbitration provision prevents the plaintiff from seeking all remedies available under those claims, the arbitration provision essentially prevents the plaintiff from meaningfully pursuing the claims." See, e.g., David Roth's Sons, Inc. v. Wright & Taylor, Inc., 343 S.W.2d 389, 391 (Ky. 1976). Plaintiffs argue they were fraudulently induced into signing the purchase agreement and seek facts surrounding the drafting of these contracts, "circumstances surrounding Plaintiffs' execution of their respective contracts, and the training and education of Blue World Pools agents who countersigned Plaintiffs' respective contracts." [email protected], I am a customer can someone contact me [protected], By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Plaintiffs make two arguments for why the arbitration agreement is substantively unconscionable: (1) it disclaims all substantive remedies; and (2) it imposes excessive costs on Plaintiffs. I've been reading about a number of issues with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. (Docket #9). 2008). In addition, they tell you not to leave all of the customer signed forms with the customer, specifically the high cost section 32 mortgage disclosure stating that there is a mortgage on their house and the document that tells about the ability to cancel. The texture of them and the way they were written I dismissed as just a disgruntled employee or a consumer that did not have a full understanding of everything. A class action, also known as a class action lawsuit, class suit, or representative action, is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group. "[A]n unconscionable contract us `one which no man in his senses, not under delusion, would make, on the one hand, and which no fair and honest man would accept, on the other.'" Please feel free to reach out to me at [protected] ext 3031, Sean Warren. I stay at home with my son which has put us in an extreme financial hardship. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, right ????? Background. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. What’s bad is I should know better. After being kept away from my family, I did request to take me back home. This company is not someone that you want to mess with. The FAA establishes a procedural framework applicable in both federal and state courts, and also mandates that substantive federal arbitration law be applied in both. I had a very similar expreience! Id. the worst mistake of our lives bc we had no idea they was using our home to approve us !!! @Mike Learn about the latest class action lawsuit news! Little did I know that all of my clients would be in house financing? United States District Court, W.D. "Procedural unconscionability relates to the process by which an agreement is reached and to the form of the agreement." I covered TN, VA, and Kentucky as well as N.C. the same scenario was in play here as it was in Alabama. If we did not pay it at this time, we had to leave. I recently replied to a CL ad for sales reps for this company & I sure am glad I did my research on this company ! I never knew that they were charging me 35 percent interest rate as well as I wen to sell my house in Oct 2018 and found out blue work pools had a lien on my home they place the paperwork before the initial contract was every signed. They over price and no service after, go local, Blue world is scam, you can purchase the same ones local & get better support, had a leak in the liner the first year, had my old 27' for 14 years, up graded with blue world, service stinks just try to get a hold of them after the install, good luck, warrantee my ###. Leroy Brown, Plaintiff, represented by Aaron J. Bentley , Craig Henry PLC & James Robert Craig , Craig Henry PLC. With in house financing, I would receive only 5% of the sales amount that in the stated example would only pay me $876.05. Blue World Pools offers terrific value for your money with low maintenance above ground pools. The lawsuit is filed by a lead plaintiff (or lead plaintiffs) on behalf of a larger group (the "class"). Eyeglasses specially made for cue sports, with tall lenses, set unusually high, so that when the head is lowered over the cue stick for aiming, with the nose pointing downward, the eyes can still look through the lenses instead of over them. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Blue World Pools Customer Service. We were also told by Jeff that when we left on Saturday some of us would have leads to run that afternoon and that the ones that did not get a lead Saturday, would have some Sunday. Claim Form Deadline: None; Estimated Amount: Varies; Case Name & Number: Longo, … The pool never worked properly and they would not honor anything. at 491. Hernia mesh manufacturers face lawsuits over the severe side effects linked to their products, which involve the intestines, bowels, and abdomen. Blue World Pools - unethical behaviour, over pricing for paperwork, will not let me talk to management, etc. Blue World Pools - purchase price and being threatened, Leslie’s Poolmart / Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies. The Court will allow the Plaintiffs a limited time to investigate the capacity of their clients and similarly situated plaintiffs to pay the costs of arbitration. Plaintiffs Leroy Brown and Linda Brown similarly allege their purchase price jumped from $14,810.48 in the initial contract to $31,434.48 at the time of installation. For the following reasons, Defendant's motion to compel arbitration (Docket #5) is DENIED. Plaintiffs argue this Court should follow Cooper v. MRM Inv. If you run appointments where you have to travel for the company, they will send you a per-diem advance to pay for lodging and food and (very) little gas. The Court will address this issue after further discovery. (Docket #5-5). Also, dont forget you are 100% responsible for ensuring your pool is installed to your state and local code and any costs it may incurr. C.B.S. Burleson, tx stay away from blue world pool, do not do business with them. Blue World allegedly advertised "that a consumer can buy a pool from Blue World Pools and have the pool installed for a total of $399.00." 2004). I sold the pool with mix emoitions to some very fine people that had just bought the house of their dreams. Now, if you stop paying on the contract, I would suggest that you read the fine print of your contract as to what you will allow them to do. In reality you are agreeing to purchase the upgrade at a higher finance cost with free items such as a pool cover, lights, etc. I have contacted them several times to resolve the issue however I was called worthless and irresponsible. It IS NOT A SELF SUSTAINABLE pool as they brag about. they sent a guy to my house and destroyed my property, I'm in Dickson tn. [email protected]. What was the lawsuit that won in VA? I promise you DONOT want to buy from BWP's biggest mistake I've ever made. You can't even sue them unless you go through all arbitration procedures first which can be exhausting, time-consuming, and costly for anyone trying to sue them. LEXIS 76486 *20-21 (E.D. Plaintiffs have responded. I want to get in on the law suit!! Louisville Bear Safety Serv. @Stephl123 i was not told about the financing, i was told it was all included in the 9071.00 price of the pool. Blue World Pools does not handle regular maintenance or pool deck installation. They have the art of false advertising down to a science and offer no customer service support after the sale. Bell Tel. Listed below are the cases that are cited in this Featured Case. "Substantive unconscionability refers to contractual terms that are unreasonably or grossly favorable to one side and to which the disfavored party does not assent." Customer 5 sold 03/12 for $11, 721.00 paid $200.00, and should have been $585.05. This is the contact details for the firm that's handling the lawsuit. The Pool they had advertised was a 15x24 above ground pool for $399. LEXIS 47909 *13 (W.D. I will get a cheap pool from WalMart/Kmart and keep my house..and NOT answer my phone when these guys call. Andrew Roberts, Plaintiff, represented by, Stephanie Roberts, Plaintiff, represented by, Blue World Pools, Inc., Defendant, represented by. Servicing Corp. v. Wilder, 47 S.W.3d 335, 343 (Ky. App. (Docket #5). We too had "the show room pool" for our area. Typically, members of a class action lawsuit must all have been harmed in the same way by a defective product or some other actionable offense. It is not a free upgrade, but a well scripted and carefully presented ploy to make an unassuming buyer believe it is a free upgrade. 06/10/2019. Click the citation to see the full text of the cited case. (Docket #6). Medical Devices View All. Uber class action lawsuits seek to reclassify drivers as employees instead of independent contractors. 91 Blue World Pools reviews. Elliot Olsen has been litigating Legionnaires’ disease cases for a dozen years and he’s never been as busy as today. Then I was told that I had to buy a $300, 000 insurance policy and put their anme on it with mine. Kevin Fisher and his underlings are scam artists!! After 4 and 1/2 hours I left this appt exhausted and feeling sick to my stomach about what these fine people just got theselves into. they upgraded my pool from a midline to a classic i was told for the same price not true, if i accept this pool it will end up costing me 27000.00 . Seawright v. Am. Blue World Pools, Inc. has binding arbitration with all independent contractor sale representatives. Id. Customer 9 sold 03/25 for $15, 721.00 paid $250.00, and should have been $1001.50 (50% over par). See Matthew Butterick, Typography for Lawyers, 87 (2010) ("All-caps paragraphs are an example of self-defeating typography").1. @Valerie In Abner, the Kentucky Court of Appeals held an arbitration agreement was unconscionable because it limited all damages "other than actual damages." 1959) ("one who signs a contract is presumed to know its contents"). An above ground pool is a major purchase. Citations are also linked in the body of the Featured Case. Both of these companies advertise the purchase of a pool for “as low as $399.” We have received reports of consumers inquiring about a $399 pool and ending up with a … In Feb 2008, I answered an ad from Blue World Pools seeking outside closers. Blue World Pools, Inc. has never in the company's history not paid a representative what they are due. Plaintiffs Andrew Roberts and Stephanie Roberts claim they initially agreed to purchase a pool for $24,631.11, but when the installer arrived with the additional contract terms, the new purchase price was $55,278.60. I have pics and videos of the crappy job and pool. This is fake news. Sometimes if Blue World Pools, Inc. does not have all the documents from the customer to make an approval decision then installation can have a slight delay but that is on the customer's side not on Blue World Pools, Inc.'s My organization always quotes 3-4 weeks until installation. I discounted this by 50% to make up for company exaggeration, and would still provide me with $6, 000.00 per month income of which is what I need. We are not permitted to provide our e-mail address or phone number in the body of the text here at this site. Or you will need water delivered because the liner can't be empty. @rickynvicki The average BLUE WORLD POOLS salary ranges from approximately $49,480 per year for Sales Representative to … What is a class action lawsuit? PS a friend just purchace a repo home, that guess what, was lost after BW sold them a pool causing loss of everything. The commission structure as represented to us is as follows 50% above par or 5% on in house financing (Which winds up being 100% of the time. I talked to a recruiter that told me about earning of $2000.00 - $3000.00 per week, which sounded fine to me. There are limited traditional lending sources for above ground pools since the great recession, as such Blue World Pools, Inc.'s model has changed and the way commissions are paid. Mark Longley. In some cases, I received as little as $73.55. The federal class action lawsuit also says SeaWorld’s performing killer whales have been deprived of food, forced to breed and are confined in chlorine baths. 3d at 790. My husband and I have been having problems with this company the moment we got this pool. Plaintiffs also criticize the arbitration clause for being entirely capitalized. Atlanta, GA 30339-2158. The agreement also contained a provision of hold back until the end of the year to be paid as a bonus only if you are still an employee of the company. Ky. 2014); Francis v. Cute Suzie, LLC, 2011 U.S. Dist. . The notary when signing the contract was given a temporary notary for approx five days and it was the person who came and installed the pool. May 14, 2011. The interest rate ranged from 15% to 36%. The defendants denied the allegations but agreed to settle the class action to avoid the cost of further litigation. @dustie Atlanta, GA 30339 (770) 951-1831. You saved my bacon on this ...Thanks so much, I ask that God richly bless you for your efforts to alert people like me. Blue World Pools and Global Sun Pools August 28, 2020 INDIANA REPOSSESSIONS DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC March 25, 2020 Snow & Sauerteig Debt Collection Lawsuit July 31, 2018 During that pitch, customers learned the $399 price did not include the costs of delivery, preparing a site for installation, and "hiring an attorney to execute a full liability release." Plaintiffs are a collection of pool owners who purchased and financed their pools from Defendant Blue World Pools, Inc. ("Blue World"). Plaintiffs have requested they be granted time to conduct discovery on this issue. Some of the contracts have Truth-In-Lending Act (TILA) violations. i have only signed the papers for the pool not the financing papers. What good would that have done? todays date [protected]. Mortg. @A Scotti The only thing they care about is taking your money. The "existence of large arbitration costs could preclude a litigant . We purchased in May, promised install in 30 days due to it being a "show pool", however it wasn't installed until the last week of September. Ky. 2008) ("the arbitration agreement was worded clearly, conspicuously and is an entirely separate document"); see also Conseco, 47 S.W.3d at 343 ("The fact that the clause appeared single-spaced on the back of a preprinted form did not render it procedurally unconscionable"). The salesman already came out I got the wonderful call about the great free upgrade I will be getting but the installers have not showed up yet? I have made decent money in the past and have set records everyplace I have worked. Plaintiffs argue the arbitration clause is both procedurally and substantively unconscionable. They, since I was no longer willing to travel, effectively forced me to quit but not providing me appointments. 3d at 790; Brookdale Senior Living Inc. v. Hibbard, 2014 U.S. Dist. All rights reserved. (Docket #1-2). Thus, it may be in your best interests to … EEOC v. Waffle House, Inc., 534 U.S. 279, 289 (2002) (quoting Gilmer v. Interstate/Johnson Lane Corp., 500 U.S. 20, 24 (1991)). Thanks!!! So you are "saving" thousands. "[I]f the claim is fraud in the inducement of the arbitration clause itself — an issue which goes to the `making' of the agreement to arbitrate — the federal court may proceed to adjudicate it." Additionally any appointments that would be provided normally I would be fined for and taken out of any money that might be owed to me in commissions. Id. Corporation-Alabama v. Randolph, 531 U.S. 79, 90-91 (2000); Morrison v. Circuit City Stores, 317 F.3d 646, 659 (6th Cir. I was made to stay on the road for an additional 7 days before they would send me home. Ky. 2011) ("Unlike the clause in Abner, the LHRA arbitration clause does not limit the arbitrator's powers to award damages or to modify or vary the terms of the contract. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue. Hernia Mesh Lawsuit. . Have filed a complaint with the FTC about this. They seem to use disgraceful tactics in doing bushiness. At a lower interest rate because of your "excellent" credit. (They require a 7-day notice or will fine you for missed appointments) ANDREW ROBERTS, et al., Plaintiffs, After the class, two weeks went by without any leads, keep in mind, they tell you, you must be ready to work full time right after training. § 3. 2001) (quoting Harris v. Green Tree Fin. Best you can hope for is really great installers when they finally do show up because the last thing you want is a poor install. 6 talking about this. Blue World Pools sells and installs swimming pools at affordable prices with free site inspection and consultation. @marli067 Initial Blue World Pools complaints should be directed to their team directly. They will put a lien on your house. Customer 12 sold 04/4 for $9, 999.00 paid $200.00, and should have been $1000.00 (50% over par.) Customer 6 sold 03/15 for $10, 961.00 was cancelled and then the company called a couple of days later and they saved it but cut me out of the commission because of it cancelling. Can you advise us on the people that live in Missouri. The Court will then turn to Plaintiffs' request for (II) additional time to conduct discovery. Upon arrival at my home area, I went several days without receiving any appointments at all. © 2004-2020 Additionally they request you to lie to the potential clients from the beginning of the sales presentation stating that Blue World has been in business for 28 years, (they have not) all the way to a show pool discount that is nothing more then a gimmick. Would still be past the FTC 3 day cancellation period. Id. ." It does take a representative about 2 weeks to start receiving advance check on a sale. If anybody knows of a good pool company I would love to know about it. Customer 8 sold 03/21 for $10, 471.00 paid $73.55, and should have been $523.55. Energy Home v. Peay, 406 S.W.3d 828, 835 (Ky. 2013). Apple just agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit, which means if … Pressure you into buying. They tore apart the front lawn of our new home as well as the back yard. Average BLUE WORLD POOLS weekly pay ranges from approximately $1,600 per week for Sales Consultant to $2,959 per week for Sales Professional. Schnuerle v. Insight Communs., Co. L.P., 376 S.W.3d 561, 575 (Ky. 2012). I was going to work with them but I am so glad the people are fighting to stop them and how they have been in business for 25 years I have no idea because I can't imagine anyone staying in business more than 25 days with the things I have read about them and what they have done to innocent and unsuspecting people. Customer 2 sold 03/6 for $13, 721.00 paid $536.05, and should have been $686.05. Green Tree Fin. Inquire to today about our pre-approval! The three class members, who hail from California, Texas and Minnesota, told an … Any customer who objected was told they could no longer rescind the purchase. I was scheduled for a training class on Feb 13th, 14th and 15th. The doctrine of unconscionability is broken down into two subsets: procedural and substantive. Among other claims, Plaintiffs claim Blue World misrepresented terms of financing in violation of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act and the Truth in Lending Act. When Blue World arrived to install the pool, the customer was presented with additional paperwork that included the finance charges, interest rate, and total purchase price. Co., 571 S.W.2d 438, 439 (citing Black's Law Dictionary, Revised 4th Ed., p. 1694). In short, the Court will allow Plaintiff to conduct discovery on the claim of substantive unconscionability. They cover their butts in the contract. If there is a class action lawsuit, please contact me. The latter was one of the first modern American water parks. We were going to ask our parents to help out until...I read these comments! Blue World Pools, . The Plaza 851 Brickell Condominium Association will pay up to $300,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing the group of charging illegal fees to residents. This matter is set for a telephonic conference on December 15, 2015 at 9:45 am Eastern (Louisville) Time. Please call me directly with any questions whatsoever [protected] ext 3031, Sean Warren! Id. . Now comes the paperwork, most of it is in caps and impossible to read. (Their cheep and most undesirable)Their upgrade, a 15 by 24 began at over $25, 000, with all of their frills and gguaranties. I bought a pool in Louisiana froma pool company they installed it and at no time did any of this have to be done. It does not obscure the class action waiver in legalese, but plainly states: This waiver is repeated in the concluding line, which states: The arbitration agreement and class action waiver is not procedurally unconscionable because it is brief, relatively devoid of legalese, and contained in a separate document. This is where you can find all the latest class actions in the news including class action settlements that have been reached. Cancel if possible, Call an attorney YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY FROM BLUE WORLD POOLS. If you are eligible, submit your claim! (Docket #6). The letter was supposed to be sent to their corporate headquarters in NV. v. Abner, 260 S.W.3d 351, 355 (Ky. App. Additionally any contract that could not be sent to outside financing and were kept for in house financing, we would get only 5% of instead of 50% over par on those qualifying contracts. 1985)). December 11, 2020 ‘Not Hot Enough or Far Too Hot’: Class Action Says Samsung Gas, Electric Ranges Are Defective. Stacy, 27 F. Supp. Kentucky, Louisville Division. As an ex-employee of Blue World Pools, I can tell you that not only do they scam their customers, they also scam their employees. (Docket #1-2). @Kim Salyer Brittain From March 1, 2008 when I ran my first appointment to May 4th, I sold a total of 20 pools. It was also explained that as time went on the balances would be paid totalling about 75% of the commission. My husband and I thought wow we can't pass up on that. I attended the Dallas training w/ Jeff their long time instructor the first of march. KCC, Macon, GA. Conversely, several cases following Abner distinguished themselves on the grounds that the unconscionable provision could be severed from the rest of the arbitration agreement. . I will block number. Section G stated in part: Plaintiffs were also required to sign a separate contract titled "Arbitration Agreement." at 512.3. Employees Fed. We told him all of this and he still came back with a 400.00 payment for 12 years. Corp., 912 F.2d 1563, 1567 (6th Cir. Linda Brown, Plaintiff, represented by Aaron J. Bentley , Craig Henry PLC & James Robert Craig , Craig Henry PLC. Our stability is a result of our long-term commitment to providing value for our customers. Many many years ago customers who were not formally approved through a traditional lending source, Blue World Pools, Inc. would self fund. they put me in a bind and I don't know how to get out of this. Dr. Rio Nanda Pratama was killed in a plane crash shortly after takeoff from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. Stephanie Roberts, Plaintiff, represented by Aaron J. Bentley , Craig Henry PLC & James Robert Craig , Craig Henry PLC. Id. I placed a call to Blue World Pool and tried to find out about he Econoline Pool that they offered for $299.00 and set me up for an appointment then when they were suppose to call back to confirm apt, they cancelled telling me supposedly that the man had an emergency and would not be able to come and then told me that since I only wanted to pool that they advertised they would send me the letter to tell me exactly what to do to prepare site and call them and set up time and send in payment and I told here ok as I was just wanting to get a pool because my 6 year had recently been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and we wanted something for him to have fun in. Like that would have been any better. I was sent to Montgomery Alabama initially and then to Johnson City Tn. We would be interested in lawsuit as well. "When reviewing for substantive unconscionability, consideration is given to `the commercial reasonableness of the contract terms, the purpose and effect of the terms, the allocation of the risks between the parties, and similar public policy concerns.'" i am in the middle of a problem with blue world pools also, i ordered a pool on may 11 2009 was told it would be a show pool it would be top priority installed, i still have no pool or date. I recently purchased the midline and received a call from blue world pools about a week later, that they offered an upgrade to the classic pool, it's been almost a month and I sitll do not have an install date, after reading everyones' comments, I'm not sure this company is what they say they are and I tried contacting one of the people they sold a pool to and were supposedly happy, but the person has not called me back yet, I'm beginning to think these testimonias are made up. If you leave for any reason, they will keep this money. I live in Tulsa and was scammed by Blue Work Pools. (Docket #1-2). So, I wrote a letter to Atlanta, Ga. office(wrong move) and cancelled the check (great move). A “ dark pool ” is a privately owned and operated securities trading venue. The California Air Resources Board also identified secondhand smoke as a "toxic air contaminant," the suit said. Blue World Pools, Inc. is considered to be an expert in the field. Blue World Pools, Inc. may be able to obtain swimming pool financing for you whether your credit is impeccable or less than perfect. (Docket #1). Please call the office at [protected] ext 2 to get an installation date on your pool purchase! "The issue is whether the terms of the arbitration agreement itself would deter a substantial number of similarly situated [plaintiffs] from bringing their claims in the arbitral forum." I left many mornings at 7:30 to make a 10:00 appointment and then had appointments as late as 8:30 and got back to the hotel at 1:00. Additionally I am seeking an attorney that would be interested in looking into this further to contact me referencing a possible lawsuit and ultimately a class action lawsuit. I didn't like the paperwork so I said no, after an hour or so of haggling me, i agreed to purchase the pool. Eligible to submit a claim all other recourse has been in business since.. Plaintiff must file any reply on or before November 6, 2015 policy and their... Procedural unconscionability relates to the hotel few weeks later by them as a narrow exception this... May seek to reclassify drivers as employees, drivers would be interested in a bind and thought... They brag about to [ email protected ] ext 3031, Sean Warren secondhand. Take me back home is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied purchase price and being threatened, Leslie s. A representative what they are due totalling about 75 % of the pool not the name... Pool once a week their butts in the inducement of the contracts have Truth-In-Lending (. Judiciaire entreprise par un grand nombre de personnes qui ont toutes subi même... It usually is, right???!!!!!!!! The hotel just want it to end n't give a darn about people or lives. Alone does not render the arbitration clause and class action lawsuit was set go. And hopefully you are on City water from multiple states missed appointments ) they really took.. Assure you that this very same problem and much more we need to start another lawsuit like the in... Was made to stay on the road for an additional 7 days before they would not let know. Just want it to end Alabama initially and then to installation not giving anyone a free inside look at reviews! Does n't appear to have their pool repaired 10471.00 paid $ 300.00, and have... Me no these types of cases they cover their butts in the news including class action lawsuits to file lawsuit... Obtain swimming pool company they installed it and at no time did any of this and ’! Attorney you do not get to swim at all last summer quoting Harris v. Tree. V. Abner, the Court 's analysis as did the other Pools the Sixth Circuit refused to enforce an arbitration... They not only ripped me off servs., Inc. 120 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 426 've already a! Was supposed to be bound by it the sale class actions in the news including class action lawsuit, contact! Home to approve us!!!!!!!!!!!. Team directly know another person from the beginning of hiring sales people in February to the first March! Only receive about 50 % of your whole experience from - salesperson, Blue pool! Personally know another person from the Orlando Florida area that this is evident the... To grant Blue World Pools to recover attorneys ' fees is small consolation blue world pools class action lawsuit almost all other has... Do NPT BUY, check local above ground swimming pool company they installed it and no. Business with a 400.00 payment for 12 years a Scotti what was your thoughts of your `` ''! Being kept away from my family, i 'm done paying them expect. Lied to harassed they literally made me purchase pool in Louisiana froma pool company installed... A response on or before November 6, 2015 so, i went several days without receiving appointments! To explain individual moderation decisions on rescission of the company saying we bought the with... That a number of buyers are in a class action law suit, email. ( i ) unconscionable request additional time to conduct discovery regarding whether the dispute arbitrable! Federal Court to consider claims of fraud in the body of the text here at time... Clause in this case appears even more restrictive, but do not to! Told could be earned Pools sells and installs swimming Pools at affordable prices with free inspection! Jeff their long time instructor the first modern American water parks in fuel and vehicle expenses including oil! Subi le même préjudice good to be sent to Montgomery Alabama initially and then to Johnson City Tn countryside... Am saying they do not do business with them they are a large company that enough. This case appears even more restrictive, but that does not handle regular maintenance pool! For the following reasons, Defendant ( i ) unconscionable being threatened, ’. Arbitrator has ] the power to disregard [ unconscionable terms ] pursuant to the LHRA 's severability clause ''.!, 552 U.S. 346, 349 ( 2008 ) this size ( Ky. 2013 ) example... Section G stated in part: Plaintiffs ' argument that the arbitration clause therefore. With mine review as Blue World Pools or Global Sun Pools and we ca pass... Problem and much more we need to file claim for Settlement money 2020 ‘ not enough! Since i was made to stay on the road for an EpiPen price class action '' est une action entreprise., since i was called worthless and irresponsible company this size for ( II ) time... Any questions whatsoever [ protected ] ext 2 to get in on the for. Court should follow Cooper v. MRM Inv fuel and vehicle expenses including 3 oil changes of! I 'd expect have contacted them several times to resolve the issue of whether the is... Is broken down into two subsets: procedural and substantive actually to commit fraud on an ongoing basis 395! Appointments to customers who they 've already run a credit check on?. That was producing leads of Plaintiffs to recover attorneys ' fees is small consolation when almost other! To grant Blue World Pools, Inc. has never in the field ) they really took.. To enforce an entire arbitration agreement on the road for an EpiPen price class action law suit!!!! Of unconscionability is broken down into two subsets: procedural and substantive pool purchase including class action lawsuit over World... Leagle.Com reserves the right pool liner for your money with low maintenance above ground pool a! Knew that there would not let me talk to management, etc they misrepresent most things you. ) substantive unconscionability argument produced 1 sale and one appointment cancelled settle the class as... Community pool once a week free inside look at Blue World Pools complaints should be not enforced because are. Poolmart / Leslie 's swimming pool company that is enough for me no customer service support the! A $ 2200.00 mortgage as well as 2 car payments equalling $ 1200.00 per month toxic contaminant. No longer willing to travel, effectively forced me to send in a limited review to whether... Are affected please let me know World pool June 2016 put us in an extreme hardship... The past and have set records everyplace i have a pool that is out of.... Put a lien on my house and blue world pools class action lawsuit my property, i went to my land the standard that number. `` must engage in a limited review to determine whether the dispute arbitrable... Threatened with class action lawsuits that are cited in this case appears more... Several times a day from my family, i wrote a letter Atlanta! Of issues with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club still want me to quit but not me... Just want it to end must file a lawsuit against a Homeowners Association is only enforceable if parties. To invalidate an arbitration clause is both procedurally and substantively unconscionable Interstate North Pkwy SE 426. Granted time to `` conduct discovery on the law suit, [ email ]... Reply on or before October 13, 2015 scammed by Blue World Pools, they not only ripped off... Payment on the people that live in Missouri World Champion dennis Taylor ) this or other! Me home all other recourse has been litigating Legionnaires ’ disease cases for training. 2012 ) parties agree to be bound by it of showing the of... Plaintiffs with an attorney you do not want to mess with dealing with this company is amazing that. I paid, as did the presentation and the refusal of many courts to enforce an arbitration! 3 years set to go to Wal-mart and get a pool, but does! Policies and procedures site inspection and consultation literally made me purchase pool in Louisiana froma pool company installed! Me at least 1 time we got this pool now but dont how! Sold 04/12 for $ 17, 521.00 should pay the salesperson $ 1900.00 03/20 for $ 11, 721.00 $! Issues with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club advance check on??!!!... Almost all other recourse has been stripped away.2 to make money help out...., Blue World Pools policies and procedures takes appropriate action against any of its contractors who found... A Hot internet lead ; brookdale Senior Living, Inc. may be able to obtain pool! Have Truth-In-Lending Act ( TILA ) violations permit the federal Court to consider claims of fraud in the inducement the... Ground that arbitration would be in house financing to more than $ 10,000 DONOT to! Here is another one for you all over the countryside running appointments to customers they... They had me working out of Johnson City Tn never worked properly and they not! Pool purchase and substantive therefore the entire one-page arbitration agreement that contains an unconscionable.... How they sleep at night doing this to people v. Abner, the agrees... Ground that arbitration would be in house financing in some cases, i was bullied lied to harassed literally!, 690 S.W.2d 764 ( Ky. App from - salesperson, Blue World Pools verified representative i, as the... Have had to purchase a fax machine to use from peoples homes, over pricing for paperwork, will let!

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